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E-Waste Breakdown

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The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act was created to keep toxins like lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic out of landfills. The law insists that recycling be free and seeks to cover costs by requiring payment from electronics manufacturers, like Sony and Panasonic. Each year, manufacturers must pay to recycle the weight of electronics they made two years earlier.

Passed in 2010, the Pennsylvania Covere..

Who is Buying Recycled Goods? Uncle Sam, That’s Who!

government, law, recycled materials,

OK, so you know recycling is a great thing to do because it just makes sense from a “it’s going to run out someday” perspective, and sometimes you see products that say they are made from recycled materials. But does anybody look to buy recycled materials in any large quantity?

Well guess what, your government does, and it’s big business.

For those of you who have trouble sleeping – this might help –

DIY Recycling – Let Your Hidden Talents Shine!

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Do it yourself recycling. Let your hidden talents shine!

We all know that recycling is a good thing and we are always trying to share educational ideas on how to recycle and why it’s a great idea, but, we thought we would share some really creative recycle ideas that turn trash into useful or artistic items for the DIY crowd. If you have a bit of artistic flair and love the do-it-yourself lifestyle, here are a lot of ideas to spark your imagination and turn something old into somet..

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At Suburban Waste Services, we believe in a green future. We employ the latest technological innovations in the recycling industry, enabling communities and individuals to be proactive.
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