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Top 5 Advantages of Single Stream Recycling

commingled recycling, recycling, single stream,

Single stream recycling is Untitled designrevolutionizing the way we recycle – here are the top 5 reasons it’s a fantastic system for our communities:

1.       Easier for residents!

Without the previous method of multi-bin recycling, th..

The Packaging Pest

packaging, product packaging, recycle,

Let’s talk packaging.HomeGlobeImage

Product packaging makes up about 30% of America’s trash content.  Nearly everything you purchase has packaging of some sort – food, toys, clothes.  It’s not an easy thing to avoid.  So how can we reduce our negative impact in regards to produ..

Hazardous Waste Disposal – Made Easy!

assorted-e-waste.33975713_stdDo you have an unusable Microwave?  Buckets of old oil-based paint?  How about old stereos or phones?  Well, here’s what to do with those.  Delaware County is havin..

Recycling Services in Pennsylvania
At Suburban Waste Services, we believe in a green future. We employ the latest technological innovations in the recycling industry, enabling communities and individuals to be proactive.
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