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Ideas for Reusing Old Glass Jars and Bottles  

Glass bottles that end up in the landfill can take years to break glass bottles for recyclingdown. However, by recycling glass bottles or jars from your kitchen, you are recirculating glass back into various industries that can appear on store shelves in as little as 30 days. Glass can be recycled multiple times without losing purity or quality. Before you place your empty jar or bottle into the recycling, check out these fun projects to eliminate waste.

Glass Storage

Old mason jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle and olive jars can be reused as storage for various items such as paperclips, stamps, rubber bands, pens or pencils.

Candle Holder

By using a glass cutter to safely cut the bottom off of a milk bottle, beer bottle or wine bottle, you can turn an old recyclable to a decorative candle holder. Follow this tutorial to create a decorative candle holder to display in your home.

Soap Dispenser

A popular tutorial that is floating around the internet is to turn an old mason jar or an empty liquor bottle into a soap dispenser. By fitting a soap pump to the jar or bottle, you can reuse these recycled bottle soap dispensers in your kitchen or bathroom as a decorative and useful accessory. Check out this tutorial to turn an old liquor bottle into a soap dispenser.

Flower Vase

Old wine bottles, mason jars and beer bottles make a perfect and unique flower vase. Follow the DIY wall mounted wine bottle vase tutorial to reuse your empty wine bottles.

A current wedding trend is to use various jars to display flowers as centerpieces on tables. Many brides will collect various size jars such as empty sauce jars, mason jars and pickle jars, clean them out and make their own flower arrangements in them. Not only is this a great recycling idea but it is a simple way to save some money in a wedding budget.

Recycling glass is extremely important to the environment. With these creative ideas, you can add a unique and personalized touch to a space or event. Contact us today to learn more creative ideas for reusing glass jars and bottles.

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